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Text editors, word processors, spelling checkers for Slovio:

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Here we will inform you about word processors, text editors and spelling checkers for the international language Slovio. These spelling checkers are designed to help you to learn Slovio, and to write Slovio texts. Slovio can be used not only for personal communication but also for commercial purposes to reach 400 million Slavic speakers.

Here is the first word processor and spelling checker for SLOVIO in zip-format

(check the version of the above spelling checker if it has been updated with the most recent version of Slovio. The number of the most recent version of Slovio is written at the top of the home page of this website.)

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START learning Slovio.
TEXTS. Sample Slovio texts.
SPELLING and transliteration. Slovio alphabet.
NUMBERS. Slovio numbers.
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SUMMARY information about the language Slovio.
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Slovio CLUBS around the World. Join a club.
LINKS to linguistic pages. Language links.
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Information for publishers.
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