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Slovio gramatik
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Slovio dete-knigis.

Slovio knigis dla detes.
Tugde vi mozx polucxit BEZPLATUO din Slovio knig dla detes v ktor oni ucxijut o cvetis. Inju knigis vi mozx polucxit na tut siet-stranka:


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Slovio Grammar.
TEXTS. Sample Slovio texts.
SPELLING and transliteration. Slovio alphabet.
NUMBERS. Slovio numbers.
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Slovio children-books

Slovio books for children.
Here you can download one FREE Slovio e-book for children in which they learn about colors. Other books you can get at this website:



Download Quick-Learning FREE pocket manuals of the Slovio language:
(Most manuals still under preparation. If you would like to help us - you can translate the Basic manual into your own language and we will publish it here. If you wish, the translation can include your name as the translator of the manual. Thank you.)

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