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Here we go into more detail into the correct translation and usage of such words as "while" (poki) and "during" (podcxas), as well as in to the usage of participles. We start with examples followed by one or several possible translations.

While reading the paper he lit a cigarette.
Cxitatsuo gazet on zapalil cigaret.
Podcxas cxitanie gazetuf on zapalil cigaret.
Poki cxital gazet on zapalil cigaret.

He talked while eating.
On gvoril edatsuo.
On gvoril podcxas edanie.
On gvoril poki edal.

He was chewing gum while walking.
On zxval zxvacxka poki on idil.
Iditsuo on zxval zxvacxka.
Podcxas idenie on zxval zxvacxka.

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